Latino vs. Latinx: Fighting Against Traditional Gender Roles And Expectations From Their Families

 In the Latin American culture, there are certain gender roles that have been taught to us since we were toddlers. Girls play with dolls, they learn to cook from their mothers, help clean the house. Boys play sports, are rough and rowdy with each other, will eventually grow up to make the money for their family and provide shelter for his family. Unlike our parents, there are individuals who have noticed how unfair these roles are and have started to challenge what is expected of them or have already been challenging these roles as children. Yokairy Galvez, Randy Salmeron and Nahuel Aranguiz are some of the Latin American individuals who have been challenging these norms. Along with challenging gender roles, acknowledging the term Latinx is also discussed. Latinx is a term used by individuals in the Latino community who don’t necessarily identify as female or male. These three individuals talk about breaking the binary within our culture, the expectations our families have for us versus the expectations we have for ourselves, and what we hope for the future. This is meant to be informative towards people in the Latinx community who believe that keeping gender roles is necessary, when it isn’t.